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Short introduction about me and my work

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Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself so that you know who is running this blog.

My name is Steffen Ostermaier. I have been a passionate photographer for over 10 years and made my hobby my profession 3 years ago. I work for a small advertising agency in Berlin and photography is also an important topic there. There I mainly deal with architecture, because our biggest clients come from the real estate industry, but now and then I also get into the press area as a freelance photo editor and so I was able to contribute PR images for various film publications. Some of my photo series were created for “Die Tribute von Panem” or Chappie but also for Linkin Park.

Here are two galleries:

Movie Chappie – with Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver

Linkin Park – Mall of Berlin

Back to the beginning

Basically everything started very small. Sometime in 2003-2004, I bought my very first digital camera. The picture quality was absolutely underground by today’s standards, but I liked the hip toy more and more. I photographed friends who had their own band without really knowing anything about photography, but my pictures came across well.

This continued to become a passion and with the first fixed salary, it went on journeys and then it really started with photography. My grandfather is also an absolute friend of photography, a strict teacher who is often quite rough in his choice of words but through him, I got to know the technique really first. My grandpa has an impressive collection of old and new cameras, rarities one would say and every smallest detail he tried to explain to me. Every now and then I catch myself taking an old Prakitca-camera in my hand and photographing with it. An absolute fun but I stay with modern digital photography.


I discovered for myself the old lenses, great glasses with history and partly high-quality pieces but many also with restrictions which a photographer demands so that this lens shows its true quality. Since then I try to take many photographs with it and present them here and at Instagram.

In addition to this work, I also manage game communities, mostly in the field of business simulations and am the contact person for many indie game developers who like my word. This hobby is often very time-consuming, but it’s a lot of fun for me.

Why I have a blog and am active at Instagram

At some point friends asked me why I didn’t even bring my passion for photography into blog form and why I also started an Instagram channel. I have now done this and I would like to use my blog to bring the topic of photography closer to all interested people with tips & tricks as well as technical ideas. I hope that this will appeal to a lot of people, I enjoy it very much and I am happy about a constantly growing Instagram account.

I am aware that I am one of many, I am trying to find my place somewhere in between 😀

You are welcome to contact me, I am happy about nice contacts.

See you soon!

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